Appreciating the employee for performing a good deed by returning the customer’s wallet

CP ALL Cambodia would like to commend Mr. Chay Bora, an employee at the ORKH PURSAT branch, for his kindness in returning a customer’s lost wallet. On February 5, 2024, a taxi driver who had used the services of the store around 2:00 PM forgot his wallet on a chair in front of the store. Another customer found the wallet and handed it over to Mr. Chay Bora, who then helped to contact the owner of the wallet. The store manager was informed and, with the help of CCTV, identified the taxi driver. However, the wallet owner had already driven to Phra Tabong, so a friend came to pick up the wallet at the store on his behalf. The store acknowledges and appreciates the honesty and kindness of the staff member through the Contact Center, recognizing his good deed without expecting any reward.